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It's “TOADAL MAYHEM” - Let's Mint Some Toads!




The “Toxic Organism Anaerobe Department” known as the T.O.A.D Initiative. Had been covertly creating a new species of Amphibian called TOADS. After a tragic event one night in the lab, the Toad escaped and are now taking over random swamps around the world .  What scientist soon witnessed were toad’s promptly pairing up in squads of 3 to attack a rival team in the occupied swamp.   Turns out each Toad has a unique attack and sub attack. This was not something the T.O.A.D team had ever expected.


Also discovered, was the reproductive cycle of the toad’s .  They require two for reproduction while the third was to watch over the “ToadPole” during its gestational period.  Depending on the prominence of the Toad forming, you could theoretically see a gestational period lasting as long as 26-days and as short as just a few hours.


Recent discovered highly classified documents revealed the T.O.A.D initiative has been working closely with a global military to explore the use 

of this new potential environmental weapon.  Also revealed was the initiative has not functioned as intended and many of the botched experimental Toad have escaped with no ability to retrieve them.  The report suggests the department should be shut down and all reference and files to be destroyed without haste to prevent any connection to what potential mass destruction which may occur from this unfortunate failed experiment. The toad’s are now in the public’s hands.

What is a TOAD?

They’re the byproduct of a private industrial experiment gone horribly wrong!


What can I do with a TOAD?

  • You can hold, breed and play with your toad’s. They may appreciate in value over time as the TOADAL MAYHEM Card garners more attention.

  • You can sell your TOADAL MAYHEM Cards to other players on an NFT marketplace.

  • Toad’s are playable characters in 3V3 battle arena game. You play vs other players and win crypto.

  • Using two toad’s, you can breed more creating ToadPole’s, which will transform into new toad’s that can be used to play the game or be sold on the marketplace.

  • You can rent your toad’s to other players for their use in battle.


How do I get the TOAD?

On this website you can start by minting your TOADAL MAYHEM GAME CARD using Metamask or Trustwallet on Ethereum.  When you mint a TOAD, the website will connect to Metamask or Trustwallet to approve the minting process. NFTs will be available for sale using Ethereum.


How do I install Metamask?

Metamask is available as a Chrome plugin. Refer to the download instructions here:

When can I play Toadal Mayhem?

Real Soon :)

How many pre-sale Cryptoad’s are available?


What is the price of the pre-sale TOADAL MAYHEM Cards?

The pre-sale cards will be priced on a bonding curve. This means that the price of the cards will vary depending on how many pre-sale card’s are left to sell.


  • First 5000    CARD -  0.1   ETH     each

  • Next 3000   CARD  - 0.2   ETH     each

  • Next 600     CARD  - 0.4   ETH     each

  • Next 200     CARD  - 0.8   ETH     each

  • Final 88       CARD  - 1.6    ETH     each


What is the chance to get a rare TOADAL MAYHEM Card?

The chance to get a rare TOAD depends on the price paid. The "100% chance cost" of each rarity is:

  • Common - 10 WDYN

  • Rare - 30 WDYN

  • Epic - 90 WDYN

  • Legendary - 200 WDYN

  • Ultimate - 400 WDYN For example, the first 5000 TOAD costing 20 WDYN each will have a % chance to spawn:

  • Common - 100% (10 / 10)

  • Rare - 33% (10 / 30))

  • Epic - 11% (10 / 90)

  • Legendary - 5% (10 / 200)

  • Ultimate - 2.5% (10 / 400) As the price goes up, the % chance to spawn a higher rarity toad also goes up.


How do I spawn my pre-sale TOAD?

First you will need to complete your WDYN payment. For each spawn, the current price, number of remaining toads and % chance for each rarity will be clearly displayed. After payment, 25 random TOADAL MAYHEM Cards will be created on the server and you will be shown 25 spawn pods. Your payment entitles you to open one of them. If you are happy with the TOAD, you can simply claim it and the process is over. You can also decide to pass on that TOADAL MAYHEM Card and pay again, and open one of the remaining 24 spawn pods. You can continue this process until all 25 pods are opened (at which point you will be awarded the TOAD in the last pod. The 25 TOADAL MAYHEM Cards will be generated based on the current % chance for each rarity and they are not regenerated after each purchased - you are opening successive pods from the same original pool of 25 that has been randomly generated. So at the 10 WDYN price level, with a 2.5% chance for an ultimate, if you open all 25 pods there is roughly a 62.5% chance to get an ultimate.

What will the funds from the TOADAL MAYHEM Card pre-sale be used for?

  • 40% will be used for development and maintenance of the game

  • 40% will be used for marketing

  • 20% will be deposited into the community fund


What are the attributes of the Toads?

  • Rarity - there are five levels of rarity which are indicated by the color of the card backing. Green - common, Blue - rare, Purple - legendary, Red - epic, Gold - ultimate. There will be a sixth category, Unique, which will be obtainable only when breeding. Unique toads will be individually named and have powers specific only to them.

  • Element - there are five elements: Wind, Ooze, Drip, Hearts and Electric. Each toad has a primary element attack. The card backers are also element specific. Card backers give a slight bonus to attack and resistance for their specific element. If a toad is minted that matches the card backer it will get an extra bonus.

  • Attacks - each toad has a primary, secondary and ultimate attack. The primary and secondary attacks can be used once per turn. The ultimate attack "charges up" as each character takes or deals damage. Once charged, the ultimate attack can be used by one character on the team. Each attack is associated with a specific element.

  • Weakness - toads have weakness to a specific element. The level of weakness (1 to 99) is determined by the rarity of the card. Higher weakness means the toad is more suspectible to that specific element attack.

  • Resistance - toads have resistance to a specific element. The level of resistant (1 to 99) is determined by the rarity of the card. Higher resistance means the toad is more resisntant to that specific element attack.



How will the 3V3 battles be played?

Each player will select their 3 toads to play and then enter a battle queue. Players will be matched to other players of equal battle ranking based on a points system. Battle play is turned based. Each player selects their toad and decides to either play the primary or secondary ability. The primary ability is an attack and the secondary ability is a defense. After one player has completed all three actions, the other player's round begins. Gameplay continues until all three characters of a player have been eliminated.

How do I earn crypto playing the battles?

Each time you win a battle you will be awarded gold coins. Every 48 hours gold coins may be redeemed for a portion of the crypto which has accumulated in the community fund. Crypto is deposited in the community fund from Toad minting and transaction fees generated on the NFT marketplace.


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